Rules once added to the website
  1.  Make an effort to get to know your stream team members, treat them with respect, and try to acknowledge them when you see them in chat .
  2.  Please add the website link/image in your twitter bio / twitch panel to support us 
  3.  Host/Raid Streamers members at least 1/3 of your streams, but remember to host in your directory to grow yourself
  4.  Be active in the discord/twitter/Facebook
  5.  Do not discriminate members of the streams or community based on sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, or any stats/numbers in Twitch - No one is in competition here, nothing but love 

To join  us  in the  streamers team  community you must have :

  •  25 hours per month streamed to your channel.
  •  Community engagement through Facebook and Discord.
  •  A positive image that we could represent alongside our community.
  •  A supportive & humble mindset.
  •  Active on Twitch/Twitter & discord.