FIFA 21: Significant changes in the Division Rivals of Ultimate Team (trailer)

EA Sports has set a limit on the number of matches that determine the Weekly Score in the FIFA Division Rivals 21. After playing the first 30 matches in the Rivals, the popular online mode of Ultimate Team, the matches will stop counting on your Weekly Score . If you play more than 30 games a week, your progress in the Objectives will be recorded, you will earn higher Skill Ratings and you will be promoted.

A spokesman for EA said the change came after positive results were seen in Squad Battles as a way to ensure that those playing in the weekly Division Rivals will have a more predictable experience. For now the rewards from the Division Rivals are determined by the position you have each week on the leaderboards. So far, the more games you play, the more points you have in the Weekly Score.

The problem with this system is that those who have time to play in the Division Rivals have a higher Weekly Score than those who play less.

Also, another rank will be added to the Division Rivals and so their number rises to six. In addition, your category in the Division Rivals will be determined by your results in the first 30 games and the level of difficulty you played.

Finally, it is worth noting that in FIFA 21, every time you are promoted to the Rivals, you will earn a one-time coin reward which will be added to your club immediately after the promotion. When your placement is complete, you will earn coins for all previous categories.