Valorant: New and expensive skin bundle turns guns into dragons

Riot has unveiled Valorant's first Ultra Edition weapons skins. These are the new Elderflame weapon skins, which turn the player's weapons into small dragons.

These skins are not a simple conversion of the appearance of each weapon, but come with their own animations and dynamic effects.

The sure thing is that these are not cheap skins, since if someone wants to buy only one of them it will cost him. 23. On the other hand, one can buy a bundle with 4 skins, but this will cost 9900VP (the game's digital money), which translates to £ 90 (€ 100).

It is worth noting that the skins in Valorant can be upgraded through the game's battle pass or via VP, so the player will have to pay extra.

The Ultra Edition Skin Collection: Elderflame will be available for Valorant on July 10. Valorant is available for PC.