Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review: 
Nowdays  we  all  know our  needs  for  better  smartphones  some would  buy  for  gaming  experience and  some  takes  it  for  flashy Instagram photos or  to film  short youtube  videos,

Samsung  that hold their own against competitors every year without breaking a sweat. Being good enough wasn’t the objective of the Ultra. with the largest display and the biggest battery and the best specs of any Galaxy S flagship, not to mention the completely that then camera setup can  reach up to 100x zoom.

It’s one thing to have an absolute spec monster on paper, to have bragging rights for features that don’t exist on other smartphones, but just how useful all of that is for customers who spend $1,200 on the phone is another matter altogether. Make no mistake, $1,200 is a lot of money, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra must be a pretty darn special device to justify that price tag. So, is it?  That’s what we’ll find out in this Galaxy S20
Ultra review.