Riot will host a 48-hour League of Legends stream for COVID-19

In their most up-to-date announcement, Riot Games has said that they're going to be hosting a 48 hour League of Legends Tournament with the goal of raising money for COVID-19 relief. Under the name “Mid-Season Streamarathonz”, the tournament is about to require play starting on May 29th at 8 PM ET. it'll also feature competitive matches (along with exhibition matches and “much much more”) with streamers from all corners of the world .

Riot has had to vary many of its planned competitions and events this year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, including canceling the Mid-Season Invitational, one among the league’s premier international competitions. therefore the Mid-Season Streamathon could give fans something to seem forward albeit another events are called off. Many other esports competitions have also been suffering from the pandemic, including Dota 2’s The International, which has been indefinitely delayed, the fighting game tournament EVO, which can be online-only, and therefore the next Fortnite World Cup , which won’t happen until 2021 at the earliest.

Viewers are going to be ready to donate during the Mid-Season Streamathon to support COVID-19 relief efforts.

Here’s the complete schedule (times are in PT):