Netflix : The King Of Viewers

During Pandemic, Netflix remains the king of subscription streaming, but Amazon and Hulu have seen the most important year over year increases, consistent with Hub.

Netflix has about 167 million viewers, and an outsized portion of the new subscribers this year have come from viewers outside of North America.

Building a worldwide audience may be a crucial factor for Netflix to stay successful. Different regions have different preferences, so internationalization is a plus for Netflix due to its diverse choice of content Not surprisingly, subscriptions to streaming services have jumped over the past year with quite 75% of respondents reporting that they need a minimum of one online streaming subscription, up 6% from 2019.

Hub’s study also distinguishes viewer behavior among respondents who said they're self isolating reception with kids and people who aren't self isolating reception and don't have kids. Among households who are self isolating without kids, 82% have a minimum of one subscription, and among those self isolating with kids, the speed jumps to 94%. the share of respondents who have a minimum of one streaming subscription but say they're “not” self isolating and don’t have kids reception is far lower, at around 60%.