How to get GTA V for free ?

Rockstar games has sold over 120 million GTA V game since its start in 2013 on PS3 and PS4 and XBOX 360
Here is a question : have you ever played GTA V ?

Well for those who had never played GTA V before and wants to try this game here is your chance EPIC Games made for all gamers who dream about playing GTA V premium comes true currently and for restricted time GTA V is absolve to purchase on EPIC GAMES store until 21th may (premium version) however are you able

How can you purchase GTA V at no cost in epic games store? 
First of all you must have an epic games account then you must search for GTA V game in library
When you find it click on the game and press “get” then you will accept the terms of user and Congratulations now you own GTA V premium forever ( you must activate the 2FA authentication )