And here we are back again with another GAMING COMPUTER REVIEW
(sorry for late publish) today we are going to look on the brand new ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G 15  (Its  just too awesome)

This beautiful Monster  is combining between power and mobility in order  to  give us the  ULTRA-THIN gaming laptop  with  wonderful performances
This  laptop  comes  with the the AMD ® Ryzen ™ 7 processor and the GeForce ® GTX 1660 Ti graphics card and it  really provide a  solid power and performance  with a battery autonomy that  reaches 8.8 hours  which allow  uses  to work all  day comfortable  without worrying  [ gamers  especially that always  run fast to run and  find the charger while they are  in game (ಥ_ಥ) ]
Lets  dive  abit  into  details  :

What makes  this laptop the  best  is  its  size  that  can be so  perfectly  placed  in any place  like  Lan parties  classroom tables  cafes traveling This  piece of  art  makes its user  dives  in  his own  world with ease and comfortability all the  time thanks  to that  chassis  measuring 20mm  think and  it  weights  2.1kg  ( not  that heavy)

Performance :

Thanks  to this  device  you can work  as hard as  you  can but  with  ease of course with very tough Hardware that  contains an  AMD Ryzen 7 3750H processor that its really  capable  to run  any task ( I mean any )  daily  with titanic  load of workloads ( for example the people who runs 5 virtual machines  in the  same  time ). This  mighty  CPU is added with a  GeForce GTX  1660 Ti graphics card equipped with  ROG boost technology which goes  up to 1435 Mhz at 60W in  Turbo mode These performances created allow you to play a large part of the best games of the moment and to live quality experiences in VR. With its NVMe PCIe ® SSD of up to 512 GB, the Zephyrus G15 is full of ultra-fast storage space that accelerates loading times, especially for your constantly expanding library of games and the  Ram  capacity can  reach until 32GB  DDR4-2400

The ultra-thin bezel measures just 6.2mm on three sides to give this  beautiful laptop a  81% screen-to-device ratio that takes you deeper into the action. With a refresh rate rising to 120 Hz, the IPS quality panel doubles the number of frames per second usually generated by laptop panels, so that you discover the pleasure of playing FPS smoothly. Actions and animations are indeed more fluid and the wide viewing angle prevents images from being distorted when several people gather around the shared game screen, watch videos and work on group projects ( just buy it please for your gaming/streaming happiness )

The philosophy of ROG intelligent cooling lies in its alliance between useful functionalities and correctly adjusted system parameters to guarantee the best possible experience in terms of chassis and components, whatever the task launched by the user (take it easy on it don’t break it)  . The Zephyrus G15's self-cleaning thermal module rejects dust particles to improve the overall service life of the system ( we all  have  problems with dust and the internal parts dust problem ). The two fans are equipped with 83 blades each to improve air circulation as much as possible while their ultra-thin fins extend the cooling surface for better heat dissipation

IN THE END  this  wonderful  laptop  prove it again that ASUS  can  really make a real hard  hit  to  the  future  of  ULTRA-THIN  super laptops

And here  our review end  we will see you  in  next  review  next week ( ASUS ROG Zephyrus S ultra slim)