1600 more Valorant players banned by Riot

After last week's high figure of 9,000, Riot Games has announced that it has prohibited a further 1,600 players from Valorant within the last seven days. in the last seven days. Riot Games’ FPS title, like many other competitive games, has faced its fair share of cheaters. That’s where Riot Games’ anti-cheat system, Vanguard, comes in. Vanguard is an essential part of Valorant’s existence by blocking cheats before the player has time to run the game.

This system has been called highly invasive by players, but Valorant responded to the complaints by allowing users to turn off or uninstall Vanguard. In addition to these measures, they also added a feature to see when Vanguard is running in the background. Nonetheless, the bans continue — sometimes as “Soulbans.”

Those players also won’t be able to play on future accounts. Koskinas tweeted about Valorant getting “Soulbans” not long ago that made it so that if someone cheats in the game, all their “past, present, and future accounts will also be suspended.”

Some people will be unbanned when the game fully launches to give them a second chance, but it sounds like that’s the only chance they’re going to get.

Regardless of how many cheaters will get a second shot or how many there are still left to ban, players are relishing in the fact that so many cheaters just got taken out.

Someone even created a video mocking the cheaters and their attempts to bypass the bans now that they’re realizing their tactics aren’t working out so well.

Though it’s still in the closed beta stage and will be for some time until it launches in the summer, Valorant’s already seen its fair share of cheaters and banned players. Its anti-cheat system has been the subject of scrutiny, but it appears to be quite effective.