Street Fighter V : Champion Edition la version 5.012

After a reception in February 2016, Street Fighter V has been embellished over the months and according to the updates put in place by Capcom. In addition to various adjustments, the game has welcomed new costumes, new scenery, but also (and most importantly!) new characters. All these elements convinced Capcom to relaunch the game at the beginning of 2020, four years almost to the day after the launch of the initial opus, in a Champion Edition that obviously wants to be "the ultimate version (of death)".

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition brings a lot of new features (including Seth). Close-up with the patch notes from Maj 5.012

Specifically, adjustments were made to the following items:

1) Moves the location where the problem occurs between the beginning of the animation and the 5th frame. (For certain movements where the character moves a significant distance, adjustments beyond the 5th frame have been made).

2) Moves with a large collision zone during recovery, where taking a hit while missing an attack/blocking does not cause both characters to be at close range afterwards.

3) The first 2 frames of a back dash.

At the end of server 2/13/2020 maintenance, Street Fighter V has been updated to Ver. 05.012.

[Battle adjustments]

Rebalancing (Shadaloo C.R.I.)


Street Fighter V Season 4 Character Pass (characters published periodically)


Additional character: SETH


Extra "Story" suit: SETH
Extra suit "Battle Outfit 1": SETH
Additional "Nostalgia" costume: SETH
Additional costume "Swimsuit": SETH
Extra suit "Tracksuit": SETH (free)

Fighting Chance

"Dojo Fortune-Telling" now offers a Stylish Car limited to the season.

[Confirmed Bugged. Battle.]
The battle adjustments in this update (05.012) have created an issue where executing certain short-range actions can cause them to miss their opponent.
(For example: when performing a NASH forward shot at close range, CHUN-LI's average squat kick may miss depending on the timing).